Rhode Island’s Twin River casino: It looks and smells the ...

Lincoln, Rhode Island – A police officer is accused of stealing a wallet containing $1,700 at Twin River Casino

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Lincoln, Rhode Island – A mother is arrested for leaving infant in car outside Twin River Casino

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Apparently "Twin Rivers Casino" in Lincoln, Rhode Island feels as though its classy patrons need help cleaning up in the bathroom

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Lincoln, Rhode Island – Police Are Investigating An Attempted Armed Robbery At Twin River Casino

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Lincoln, Rhode Island – Police Are Searching For A Man Suspected Of Cheating In Blackjack At Twin River Casino

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Lincoln, Rhode Island – 14 cars have their tires slashed in the Twin River Casino parking lot

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RI keeping casinos open despite warning over crowds and COVID-19

LINCOLN, R.I. (WPRI) – While Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo has urged Rhode Islanders to avoid large social gatherings due to the coronavirus outbreak, officials say they will not shutter the two state-owned casinos that generate millions of dollars for the state.
During a news conference Wednesday, Raimondo called for social distancing in an attempt to reduce spread of the new virus that causes COVID-19, a disease that’s killed more than 4,700 people worldwide. She asked residents to avoid gatherings larger than 250 people.
“We have one shot to get this right,” Raimondo said. “Everybody, get in the boat and row in the same direction, so we can put a lid on coronavirus.”
But the advice doesn’t appear to apply to the state-owned casinos in Lincoln and Tiverton where hundreds of people can meet to eat, drink and gamble on slot machines and table games.
Twin River, which operates the casinos, announced Thursday it would postpone concerts and other events, but otherwise remain open under aggressive cleaning measures it calls the “Aware and Active Program.”
“Safety of our employees and guests is of the utmost importance to us,” said Craig Sculos, general manager of Twin River in Lincoln. “The program reinforces the importance of personal hygiene, remaining at home when feeling ill and safe travel practices, among other recommendations.”
The decision underscores a significant challenge facing businesses and public health officials throughout the country: how to curb the spread of the illness while also minimizing harm to the economy.
In Rhode Island, the two casinos are important money makers for both publicly traded Twin River Worldwide Holdings and the R.I. Lottery, representing the state’s third largest revenue source. The state Lottery brings in about $400 million for the roughly $10 billion annual budget.
When asked Wednesday how she squared the recommendation against large gatherings and the continued operation of the two casinos, Raimondo mostly demurred.
“If you’re feeling healthy and you’re able to be in a space where you can have some distance — not prolonged contact — wash your hands regularly, then go ahead and do that,” Raimondo said.
Pressed on the question Thursday, Raimondo spokesperson Josh Block defended the policy.
“The casino is a large facility and we are ensuring they take every precaution to contain the spread of coronavirus,” Block said. “That includes ensuring the availability of soap and hand sanitizer and limiting close-proximity interactions. To the extent that the casino has large events or conferences planned, those will be cancelled or postponed.”
The state and Twin River did not immediately respond to questions about which entity has the authority to shut the casinos down. But such a move would not be without precedent.
Twin River closed the Lincoln casino in January 2015 during a blizzard, marking the first time that had happened since it became a 24/7 operation, according to the Twin River’s then-executive chairman John Taylor Jr.
“We don’t have locks on the door,” Taylor said on WPRI 12’s Executive Suite at the time. “We actually had to go out and get chains to lock the place up.”
The current circumstances, of course, are different than a one-time storm.
The lack of business for such a long time at the casinos would have a dramatic impact on finances. Twin River slot machines generated an average of $920 per minute in profit during the month of January, according to a Target 12 analysis of state revenue data.
R.I. Health Department Director Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott on Wednesday said the best way to protect against the virus at a casino is to wash your hands after using machines. But she also made it clear that any activity — including gambling — comes with some level of risk.
“The most important message is being able to stay home if you are ill,” Alexander-Scott said. “If everyone is able to do that, you can enjoy your activities at a casino knowing that there’s less of a risk of illness occurring.”
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Sports Betting Revenues Falling Short of States’ Expectations

Legalized sports betting has failed to generate the revenue expected in Rhode Island. The state initially budgeted for $23.5 million in gambling related revenues for the fiscal year ending in June 2019 (began in Nov. ’18). The target was lowered to $11.5 million in January, but R.I. lottery officials are reporting that the state has posted just 1.3% of that total ($150,000) to date. Governor Gina Raimondo attributed the shortfall to “a little bit [of a] later start than we thought”; wagering volume ($250 million anticipated vs. $813 million projected) and gambler performance (better than expected) have also forced the need for a rebalancing of the budget. While it’s all but assured that Rhode Island will fall short of January’s revamped projection, it should experience significant revenue growth in 2020; Raimondo signed a bill last week that will permit online sports betting within the state.
Howie Long-Short: The Patriots Super Bowl win contributed to a tough February for Rhode Island’s sportsbooks – the pair lost a combined $890,000 on $20.7 million in wagers during the month. They’re off to a better start in March, having raked in +/- $1 million over the first weekend of the NCAA tournament. The state is entitled to 51% of sports betting revenues (after expenses).
Rhode Island is certainly not a proxy for the country – it has just 2 licensed casinos – but “most of the states” that have passed legislation since PASPA was struck down have fallen short of projections. It’s certainly no coincidence that like Rhode Island, all but New Jersey (which out-earned Nevada for the 1st time in Jan.) failed to establish mobile/online as an option.
Rhode Island’s 2020 budget assumes sports betting will bring in $30.3 million in revenue, including $3 million in mobile fees. Democratic Senate President Dominick Ruggerio has acknowledged that the financial forecasts will need to be rebalanced (see: lowered) in the wake of fiscal 2019 results, but the nominal revenue Raimondo attributed to mobile – relative to the total income projected – makes me think they’re still getting bad “information” (or that they simply don’t understand the marketplace). New Jersey sportsbooks generated 80% of their January revenue from mobile and online platforms.
Once Twin Rivers begins taking online/mobile bets, business will pick up. It will become easier for residents of the state to place wagers and with Massachusetts yet to legalize sports betting, the Rhode Island licensee should pick up some action from residents of the neighboring state (via the William Hill app). For reference purposes, FanDuel claims 9% of its New Jersey business comes from those living in New York and another 4% from those based in Pennsylvania. The 2020 budget assumes mobile sports betting will be available next winter, but there’s a current push within the Assembly to have it in place by the start of the NFL season.
Rhode Island’s 2 casinos (Lincoln and Tiverton) are owned by Twin River Worldwide Holdings. On Friday, the company (which also owns the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, MS) “added to its geographic base” closing on the purchase of Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment. Shares of Twin River common stock subsequently began trading (at $29) on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TRWH.
Fan Marino: 75% of those who placed bets (against the spread) on the Super Bowl at Rhode Island’s 2 brick and mortar casinos took the hometown Patriots; as a result, the pair lost $2.3 million on the game. It’s not atypical for a sportsbook to take a loss on a big game – like the Super Bowl – when the hometown team covers. Fans bet with their hearts and the action tends to skew “towards the geographically favored team.” The books don’t move the lines to reflect the heavy action though, because doing so would leave them susceptible to sharp money (going the other way) taking advantage of mispriced odds.
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[Official] CES MMA 46: Howard vs. Carroll - Live Discussion Thread

Welcome to mma's live discussion thread for CES MMA 46: Howard vs. Carroll, coming at you live from Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island!
Please keep the fight discussions in here.
If you have something substantial to post about a fight that warrants its own thread, remember to keep spoilers out of the title and add the [Spoiler] tag.
Main Card: (AXS.tv) @ 9:00 PM ET
Div. Fighters
MW John Howard vs. Roger Carroll
BW Dinis Paiva vs. Brandon Seyler
LW Josh LaBerge vs. Jonathan Lemke
MW Shedrick Goodridge vs. Justin Sumter
BW Gary Balletto Jr. vs. Sharif Jones
BW Rico DiSciullo vs. Justin King
Prelims: (Not televised)
Div. Fighters
MW Pat McCrohan vs. Buck Pineau
FW Hamzah Marquis Brewster vs. Raymond Yanez
WW Johnny Adams vs. John Gotti III
*Fight card order subject to change
Useful Links
Watch: AXS.tv
Live Updates: Tapology; Sherdog
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General Discussion Thread
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Flair bets will be updated Monday
Enjoy the fights! Get HYPE!
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Mobile sports wagering bill proposed in Rhode Island

Senate President Dominick Ruggerio has introduced a bill to allow mobile sports wagering in Rhode Island. Ruggerio proposed the bill on Wednesday and said mobile gaming would generate greater revenue. Twin River Casino in Lincoln accepted its first bets on professional sports in November. However, Ruggerio would like to enable the creation of an app to access Twin River’s sportsbook from anywhere in Rhode Island. The proposal suggests creating accounts in person at either Twin River or Tiverton casinos, allowing staff to verify the player’s age. Rhode Island’s first sports wagers were accepted on 26 November, although the state enacted legislation back in June. Delays pushed back the October start date, reportedly costing the state $12m in expected revenue. Source: Gamblinginsider.com
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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Miguel Vazquez vs Denis Shafikov, Zou Shiming vs Yokthong Koietgym, Daniel Geale vs Garth Wood, Hank Lundy vs Angelo Santana, the Boxcino tournament, Ik Yang vs Petchsamthur Duanaaymukdahan + more

Monday February 17

From Salinas Storm House, Salinas, California
Time: 7:00 PM PST, 10:00 PM EST, 3:00 AM GMT
Television: Fox Sports 1 (USA)
Fight Thread: Yes
##Manuel Avila 13(5)-0 vs Enrique Quevedo 15(9)-6-1
10 rounds
super bantamweight division
Salinas, California was the setting for John Steinbeck’s (and later Elia Kazan’s) critically acclaimed East of Eden. The movie starred James Dean as a troubled teen looking for a place where he belonged in a world where his mother was estranged and his brother was the perfect son in the eyes of his father. Salinas will have another 15 minutes of fame this Monday, and Avila will need a breakout performance on the level of James Dean to put Salinas back on the map. Or at least himself. Avila is only 21 and still very green and early in his development. He’s a big super bantamweight who I imagine will settle at featherweight. Quevedo is a tough Mexican who’s been in with tougher opponents than Avila and should be a good test.

Paul Mendez 14(6)-2-2 vs Raul Casarez 20(9)-4

10 rounds
middleweight division

Wednesday February 19

From Horden Pavilion, Moore Park, New South Wales, Australia
Time: 6:15 PM EDT, 11:15 PM PST (2/18), 2:15 AM (2/19)
Television: Main Event (AUS)
Fight Thread: Yes

Daniel Geale 29(15)-2 vs Garth Wood 12(8)-3-1

12 rounds
middleweight division
They’re actually fighting for Pan Pacific and a Pan African title, but they have no bearing on the world title scene. 32 year old Daniel Geale is coming off a tough loss that could have went either way against Darren Barker. The last time he’d lost was against Anthony Mundine back in 09 and since then had built a solid reputation as one of the best middleweights in the world. He avenged his loss to Mundine (which was a split decision the first time around), beat Sebastian Sylvester for the IBF middleweight title, beat Osumanu “Good Boy” Adama over 12 rounds, and the biggest win of his career, he went into Germany and beat Felix Sturm on the cards. If you don’t know what that’s like, it’s similar to beating Bowser in Mario Tennis on his home court. Geale is as tough as they come, although he didn’t begin his career that way. Early on he was a bit chinny and was dropped many times. He either learned defense or moving to middleweight was a big help as he hasn’t been dropped since 2008.
His opponent is Garth Wood. Wood was originally supposed to fight Martin Murray on the Monte Carlo card a couple weeks ago. Wood is an exlusively Australian fighter who’s got a very impressive win over Anthony Mundine… actually, it’s not. Mundine was winning just about every second of the fight before Wood landed this ridiculous uppercut that knocked Mundine out. It was one of those body-stiffening punches. Frankly, I understand the reason for Geale taking the fight. This is probably a big deal in Australia, but I think Geale could have easily gotten a fight with any of the top middleweights out there. He didn’t get wiped out against Barker and in fact performed with a ton of grit and heart. I really look forward to a fight between Golovkin and Geale.

Thursday February 20

From Centro de Convenciones Figali, Panama City, Panama
Time: ?
Television: TV Max Channel 9 (Panama)
Fight Thread: No

Luis Concepcion 30(22)-3 vs Carlos Fontes 17(14)-1

12 rounds
WBC silver flyweight title
Panamanian Concepcion is riding a bit of a winning streak since getting stopped by Tyson Marquez. He’s won 7 straight fights and stopped 4 of his opponents. But let’s not start thinking about putting Concepcion in with the big boys at flyweight. His opponents have been just good enough to look good, but not good enough to convince me he’s ready to get back on the world level. They’ve all lacked pop or world experience. The other thing is that flyweight is stacked right now. Akira Yaegashi sits on top and it seems we’re finally going to get the fight we’ve all been wanting, as he will take on the arguable (I don’t buy it, many do) #2 flyweight in the world, Roman Gonzalez. Even if Concepcion wanted the leftovers, Juan Francisco Estrada would gladly take him and so would heavy handed Giovani Segura. So, Concepcion still has a ways to go. He’s definitely got a case to be in the top 10 at flyweight, but I’m not sure if he’ll ever hold another title. One thing is certain though. Concepcion will never be in a dull fight.

Friday February 21

From Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, Dover, Delaware
Time: ?
Television: Not televised
Fight Thread: No

Ray Robinson 16(7)-2 vs Aslanbek Kozaev 25(7)-0-1

10 rounds
welterweight division
Well… it’s not that Ray Robinson. It’s The New Ray Robinson. Seriously, that’s his nickname. He’s from Philly and his only losses have come against undefeated fighters. So bet the house on Kozaev. Actually, I wouldn’t. Robinson is the favorite and is arguably a top 30 welterweight.
From Edgewater Hotel & Casino, Laughlin, Nevada
Time: 6:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM EST, 2:00 AM GMT
Television: ESPN2 (USA)
Fight Thread: Yes

Yakubu Amidu 21(19)-4-2 vs Chris Rudd 12(8)-1

6 rounds
lightweight division
Art Pellulo’s Banner Promotions has put together a tournament. One in the lightweight division and one in the middleweight division. I think Amidu is the dark horse in this tournament. He’s tough as hell and beat Juan Carlos Burgos on one judge’s scorecard last summer in an outdoor fight when it was 100 degrees in Southern California. Rudd lacks experience and enters the tournament after suffering his first career loss. A win here (and ultimately the tournament) would be Rudd’s coming out party.

Fedor Papazov 14(9)-0 vs Peter Petrov 32(15)-4-2

6 rounds
lightweight division
Papazov has a hilarious nickname. It’s ‘Knockout Man.’ Petrov’s claim to fame is that he was knocked out by Maidana back in 2011. I think Knockout Man has this one in the bag.

Miguel Gonzalez 22(16)-3 vs Miguel Angel Mendoza 21(21)-2-2

6 rounds
lightweight division
Many people will look at Mendoza’s record and immediately say ‘yep, that’s the favorite. The dude with all the knockouts. His hands must compare to cinderblocks.’ Except that his 3 opponents he’s faced with decent records either knocked him out or beat him easily (or the fight was stopped after 3 rounds on a draw). Gonzalez on the other hand is nicknamed Silky Smooth. He was shut out against Mike Dallas Junior, but... actually, I was going to try to make a case for him winning, but I can’t. This should be a fun fight.

Fernando Carcamo 15(12)-5 vs Samuel Kotey Neequaye 21(15)-0

6 rounds
lightweight division
Neequaye is my pick to win this thing. He’s undefeated and made it to the Beijing Olympics (albeit not very far.) Carcamo seems to lose every time he gets on a roll and given that he’s won 5 straight by stoppage, he’s probably due for the upset.
From Twin River Event Center, Lincoln, Rhode Island
Time: ?
Television: Not televised
Fight Thread: No

Glen Johnson 53(36)-18-2 vs Jamie Velasquez 11(6)-5-2

8 rounds
light heavyweight division
Yep, Glen Johnson is back. I know Johnson’s time is done, especially at the elite level, but I gotta give it to him. In the past 5 years he’s fought the top opposition out there. He’s fought George Groves (L), Andrzej Fonfara (L), Lucian Bute (L), Carl Froch (L, a majority decision at that!), Tavoris Cloud (L), and Chad Dawson (L). Even in defeat, does anyone have a better resume?

Alvin Varmall Jr 1(1)-0 vs Andre Ward 1(1)-1-4

4 rounds
cruiserweight division
Is this serious? Is Andre Ward trying to pull a fast one on us? He’s gotten fat and is trying to make a run at cruiserweight?
From Wolstein Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Time: 7:45 PM PST, 10:45 PM EST, 3:45 AM GMT
Television: Showtime (USA)
Fight Thread: Yes

Angelo Santana 14(11)-1 vs Henry ‘Hank’ Lundy 23(11)-3-1

10 rounds
lightweight division
We haven’t seen Hank Lundy since last summer when we all thought Olusegun Ajose would either wipe him out or give us a fight of the year candidate given his performance against Matthysse. Not the case. Lundy pulled off a landslide win snapping a 2 fight losing streak. Lundy has 3 losses, but they’re to solid opponents and Santana would do well not to overlook Lundy. Santana is a Don King fighter (this is a Don King card if you wanted to boycott it) and a Cuban defector. Santana had been on a 7 fight knock out streak before he himself got knocked out against little known Uzbekistanian Bahodir Mamadjonov in his most recent fight. All we can hope for here is a good fight.

Amir Imam 12(11)-0 vs Jared Robinson 14(6)-0

10 rounds
light welterweight division
This is the battle of 2 undefeated guys with great nicknames. It’s the Young Master vs The Quiet Storm. I’ll leave it to you to guess which is which.

Saturday February 22

From Celebrity Theater, Phoenix, Arizona
Time: 7:00 PM PST, 10:00 PM EST,
Television: Live streamed (and free) at www.iron-boy.com
Fight Thread: Yes

Alexis Santiago 15(7)-3-1 vs Hanzel Martinez 20(16)-1

10 rounds
bantamweight division
This fight has drama and excitement written all over it, and given it's being streamed online, should be an easy choice for anyone looking for some fight action this Saturday night. Santiago has 3 losses on his record. All 3 losses came against undefeated opponents. His last loss was back in the summer of 2012 and now he’s riding a 4 fight in streak that includes stoppages in his last 2 fights. His opponent, Hanzel Martinez, isn’t so hot right now. Although he won his last fight, the one before it was a 2nd round knockout loss in his first real step up in competition. Santiago, in my estimation, is on par with the man who stopped Martinez. These are 2 young guys fighting for their future in the sport. A film crew chronicled the training camp of Alexis Santiago as he prepared for the bout and can be seen here.

Siarhei Liakhovich 25(16)-6 vs Chad Davis 5(1)-11

8 rounds
heavyweight division
Liakhovich is one fight removed from a fight with Deontay Wilder and if you're wondering why the former heavyweight titlist is facing an inexperienced opponent with more losses than wins, perhaps it's because Liakhovich has been stopped in his last three fights and has won 2 fights in his last seven. This could either be a new start for the 37 year old or maybe a last grab at a small bit of glory.
From Ice Arena, Hull, Yorkshire, UK
Time: 2:00 PM PST, 5:00 PM EST, 10:00 PM GMT
Television: Sky Sports (UK)
Fight Thread: Yes

Tommy Coyle 17(7)-2 vs Daniel Brizuela 25(8)-2-2

12 rounds
IBF international lightweight title
I like Coyle a lot. He’s got obvious vulnerabilities and boxes well enough to compensate most of the time. Brizuela is a perfect opponent for him. He’s fought mostly in Argentina and isn’t a big punching threat.

Darren Hamilton 14(3)-2 vs Curtis Woodhouse 21(13)-6

12 rounds
BBBofC british light welterweight title
This is a typical fight that has warranted a lot of criticism of Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn (who is promoting this card.) It’s a 12 round fight with 2 guys who aren’t big punchers. Woodhouse is a bit chinny and prone to being outboxed, but he’s also as tough as they come. I don’t know much about Hamilton other than he’s got a UD win over Ashley Theophane. I expect Hamilton to pull off the win.

Gavin McDonnell 10(3)-0-1 vs Leigh Wood 11(4)-0

12 rounds
vacant BBBofC british super bantamweight title
McDonnell has mostly fought inexperienced opposition with a few losses on their record until this point. Wood has faced experienced guys with a ton of wins and losses on their record. It should be an interesting fight, and I believe Wood has more upside of the 2 (though I favor McDonnell here.) Interesting note is that Leigh Wood’s nickname is Leigh-thal. Ik Yang needs a cool nickname like that.

Luke Campbell 4(3)-0 vs Scott Moises 8(2)-8-1

8 rounds
lightweight division
Campbell is one of boxing’s hottest prospects. Not in that way. I mean, Campbell won gold at the London games and my dream scenario would be for him to face Lomachenko somewhere down the line for a lightweight title. Eddie Hearn is doing a good job with Campbell. He’s not rushing him into anything and allowing him to develop as a professional. He doesn’t have the pedigree that Lomachenko does and has thus far fared very well as a pro. He’s a long southpaw, he’s quick, and puts combinations together nicely. If I had a criticism of him, it’s that he doesn’t move his head that much and looks a bit rigid. I’m sure this will change as he develops. Don’t let his baby face fool you. This guy can snatch the body with the best of them.
more previews in comments
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  • Stay tuned this week for the Canelo-Angulo Viewing Guide in anticipation of their upcoming pay-per-view fight. This viewing guide will be a little different than the ones of the past. (Viewing guides provide analysis of the fights, links to previous fights, where to watch the fight, fighter trivia, and more.)
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Upcoming Events

Friday, October 27th: CES MMA 46 at the Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island with a 9PM EST start time on AXStv. There are ten bouts listed on the card, three of which are prelims. The Main event will be between John Howard(24-12-0) and Roger Carroll(0-0-0).
Friday, November 3rd: LFA 26 at the Arena Theatre in Houston, Texas with a 9PM EST start time on AXStv. Seven fights are scheduled to be televised. Richard Odoms(13-3) is looking to defend his Heavyweight Title against Jeff Hughes(7-1) for the main event.
Feel free to discuss the events and your thoughts here!
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Watch CES MMA 45 Live stream Free online Tv Coverage

Watch CES MMA 45 Live stream Free online Tv Coverage Friday 08.11.2017 at 09:00 PM ET Venue: Twin River Casino Location: Lincoln, Rhode Island, United States
Click To Live Watch MMA TV
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CES 45 Quick Card
Ashley Gooch vs. Juliano Coutinho 265 lbs Nate Andrews vs. Bruce Boyington 155 lbs Nick Alley vs. Gary Balletto Jr. 170 lbs Kris Moutinho vs. Branden Seyler Saul Almeida vs. Pedro Gonzalez 145 lbs Miguel Restrepo vs. Richard Santiago 125 lbs Leon Davis vs. Andrew Osborne John Douma vs. Jason Rine Jose Campos vs. Marquis Allen 265 lbs Billy Keenan vs. Timothy Tyler 
CES MMA 45 live, CES MMA 45 live stream,CES MMA 45 en vivo live streaming CES MMA 45
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Easy Money at Twin River Twin River Keeps List of People Excluded from Casino - YouTube Slot Hits # 35: Twin River Casino (Lincoln, RI) - YouTube SPARKLING NIGHTLIFE BIG WIN!  SLOTS with ED - Twin River ... Roll With The Changes - REO Speedwagon live @ Twin River ... A look at some of the many new games at Twin River Casino ... Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI

LINCOLN, R.I. (WLNE) – Rhode Island’s three-week pause is officially over and that means casinos can now open back up. Twin River re-opened the doors of both of their locations in Lincoln and ... Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is a full casino with live table games, video slot machines, virtual table games, live entertainment and dining. LINCOLN — It’s a sure bet that Sean Willard isn’t worrying about picking up COVID-19 at Twin River’s blackjack tables. He did catch $300 there the other day while the cards fell right. Rhode Island’s Twin River casino: It looks and smells the same, but the familiarity ends there By Dan McGowan Globe Staff, Updated June 9, 2020, 11:20 a.m. Email to a Friend Finally, as plans broke through on the 3rd of July, I was bored, and reluctantly decided to try visiting Twin River in Lincoln. It was after 10pm, with only a few more hours to be open, and the west entrance parking lot (especially closest to Valet road) was nearly empty, so I felt reassured it may not be too crowded to go in. The North entrance lots were pretty busy so I was initially more ... 100 Twin River Road Lincoln, RI 02865. Email. [email protected] . Click here for our COVID-19 Response Plan. Update as of December 18, 2020. Bally’s Corporation (formerly Twin River Worldwide Holdings, Inc.) announced today its two Rhode Island properties will reopen on Monday, December 21st. Hours of operation for both Twin River Casino Hotel in Lincoln and the Tiverton Casino Hotel ...

[index] [2290] [27390] [27501] [32549] [1951] [17593] [4310] [409] [1681] [19940]

Easy Money at Twin River

Playing Easy Money at Twin River Lincoln Rhode Island. Dion to slot is a Husband and wife team that plays slots with a low bet range. From time to time we may attempt a max bet on penny machine or minimum bet on ... REO timelessly rolls on in this live video from Twin River Casino in Lincoln Rhode Island on Friday 4-12-2019 The vast majority of the people, roughly 70 percent according to spokesperson Patti Doyle, have asked to be put on the list voluntarily. Category Sports; Song Midnight Run - Killer Tracks; Artist Louise Dowd, Michael Holborn; Album ATMOS255Rock Positiva 2; Licensed to YouTube by 100 Twin River Rd, Lincoln, RI 02865 Open 24 Hours Gear I use: Camera -Note 9 https://amzn.to/2QYlPTg Tripod - UBeesize Tripod S https://amzn... The East Coast swing continues with Blubsy and The Shamus visiting Twin Rivers casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island. It large, with a good selection of games ... ...